Fast cars competing for a cash payout under the lights. Sounds cool, right?Afterfest Drag Race Picture
All Euros are invited to duke it out in this Drag Race Shootout.
There will be two classes:

♦ Index (11.50)  ♦ Outlaw


$50/car (includes 1 entry into Afterfest)Payout Sponsored By: Stevebilt

PAYOUTS: (Winner Takes All – Except where otherwise noted)

Dependent upon registration, here are the minimums:

♦ Outlaw (10 cars minimum) Payout Also Sponsored By: Caste Systems Performance ($1,000 minimum purse + additional $50 per car above 10 car minimum)

#1 Qualifier in Outlaw Class receives $250 Courtesy of Unitronic

Outlaw Runner up will receive $125 Courtesy of Caste Systems Performance!

♦ Index (11.50) (5 Car Minimum)($250 minimum + plus an additional $50 per additional car above 5 car minimum.)

#1 Qualifier in Outlaw Class receives $250 Courtesy of Unitronic

PLEASE NOTE: All Vehicles must meet Raceway Park’s Muffled Regulations.

All Payout Cars will receive a Stevebilt Payout Class sticker, which must be displayed on the car throughout the race. Any vehicle not displaying the aforementioned sticker is subject to disqualification.